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Creating an Effective Web Design – What to Know

When it comes to web design, the opportunities for customization are endless. However, despite this ultimately creative endeavor, there are still some guidelines or requirements that you need to follow to ensure that whatever website design you come up with works effectively.

Great website design should not only attract and convert potential customers, but it should embody a company’s brand image and increase brand awareness in your target markets.

That said, if you want to come up with effective web design, here are four things to keep in mind:

1. Consistency

When planning your web design, you need to create a style guideline along with it. That way, no matter what new page you create, it’ll be consistent with the rest of your website.

As you know, consistency helps tie different aspects of the website together. Not only does this help your website look clean and organized, but it also helps web visitors figure out who the site belongs to, making the visual connection between your site and your brand. In other words, consistent web design helps enhance brand recognition and, in turn, improves conversion rates.

2. Website Navigation

One of the most critical elements you need to pay attention to when coming up with your website’s design is its navigational design. Your main goal with the navigation design would be to provide the most user-friendly experience possible. How you design the site navigation should allow visitors to your site to quickly get to the information that they want with as little clicks as possible.

If your navigation is unnecessarily complicated, users are going to up and leave your website for one of your competitors, increasing your site’s bounce rate and harming your chances of being found on the top of search engine results.

3. Responsive Web Design

With most Internet users using their mobile devices to access the World Wide Web, your website must be designed to work on those platforms, too.

When it comes to responsive web designs, your website should be able to adapt quickly to whatever screen it’s displayed on. That means that if it’s displayed on a desktop monitor that’s 24 inches, everything should look clean and crisp.

This should stay true even if you’re looking at your site from the screen of a small smartphone—everything from the headlines to the navigation menu should all still be clear to read and easy to use. Failure to adapt your site to different screen sizes will result in mobile users getting frustrated at your site, exiting quickly and thus, decreasing your conversion rates.

According to a Medium study, just thirty percent of small businesses have mobile-friendly websites. This means that your likely to be able to beat your competitors by commissioning us to build a fully mobile-friendly website.

4. Meaningful Elements

When it comes to the visuals of your website, you might be tempted to throw in anything you think looks good. Unfortunately, the more design elements you put in, the messier and more cluttered your website will become, which doesn’t really help much in terms of user experience.

That said, whatever design aspects you put in has to have significance and meaning. For example, if you have a list detailing your services, you can include a single video that exhibits them all rather than ten different images showcasing each separately.


Other than these crucial web design elements we’ve shared with so far, there are a few other aspects that you need to pay attention to as well. For one thing, your website should load quickly and efficiently, and your content should have call-to-actions (CTAs) incorporated into it to motivate customers to make a purchase decision.

That said, if all these guidelines prove confusing and you’re having trouble coming up with a good website, then there are services available that will help create a custom website just for you! With the experience of professionals behind you, you can rest easy knowing that your website will be in the hands of experts.

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