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Emerging Web Design Trends in 2020

We’re almost at the end of the first quarter of the year and we’ve already seen some innovative web design elements emerge. In our opinion the most innovative and impactful design elements presented in 2020 are continuations of trends last year, such as minimalism and typography. However, there are still emerging trends, such as dark mode and 3D, that you should watch out for this year.

Web Design Trends to Look Out For in 2020

Bold Fonts

You might have noticed bold fonts on the websites of industry leaders today. Also called “hero headlines,” these aren’t actually a new trend at all—however, they are becoming more prominent in 2020. What makes them excellent for web design is due to how weighty fonts add more visual weight to a message, directing the visitor to where they should look first.

Dark Mode

Many websites, apps, and social media platforms have rolled out dark modes this year, allowing for other web design elements to stand out. The dark mode also looks more modern, which is very apt in today’s digital age.

Emotional Design

In 2020, prepare to see web designs that tap into your emotions. This is due to a shift in focus from usability to emotional impact. As such, many businesses today are on the move to revamp their websites to provide a stronger emotional response. Fortunately, web designers can make this possible because of the plenty of design tools under their belts.

3D Design

3D objects are emerging on websites built to cater for both on desktop and mobile. 3D objects can help to add realism to interactions which can then in turn encourage users to stay longer and engage more with the websites content. In 2020, expect to see even more 3D elements appear on websites in all different sectors, helping businesses to lure customers in using exiting new 3D elements.


There is now a growing number of websites that feature minimalistic designs. Minimalist designs are fresh, clean, and allow for better, smoother user experiences.


Patterns on web design are making a comeback and these are the ones that are spread on separate parts. These patterns will evoke a hotter and more modern look that will be highly appreciated in these modern times.

Trendy Color Schemes

Expect to have trendy color combinations on the websites of today, and ultimately those of tomorrow too! Colors have a psychological effect on the viewer and can evoke a specific response. According to e-Commerce Nation, users may associate green with health and growth or red with passion and excitement, for example. We expect that businesses will utilise these theories to their advantage throughout the rest of 2020 to increase emotional impact and generate more leads.

Audio User Experience

Designing with sound is quite new in the web design landscape. Even if you’re not a fan of auto-play sound on websites, audio user experiences are starting to trend. Unfortunately, if you’re one of the people who hate auto-play sounds on websites, then you might encounter more of them this year, especially on websites that have a language barrier.

Overlapping Layers

There will be an influx of layers in 2020 for website design, and they’re going to overlap with one another. Overlapping layers create a sense of depth and dimension to a website. One of the best things about overlapping layers, which makes it popular for web designers, is it’s versatility, as it can work with almost any type of design scheme.


Some of the most innovative trends in 2020 will involve typography mixed with new types of color schemes, animations, and illustrations. Are you ready to revamp your website and ride the latest 2020 trends? We’re a web design agency serving Bolton, get in touch with us today to see how we can help.