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How a new website design can boost your business in 2020

In this article we’ll discuss why a new website design or a redesign of your current website could have a highly positive impact on your businesses growth.

In a sense, you wouldn’t be wrong to think of your business’s website like a pair of shoes or item of clothing, and just like items of clothing, websites can go out of fashion… with the search engines and your clients. Just like an old pair of shoes, your current website may have done its job, but if its looking worn out maybe its time to treat you and your business to something new.
Investing in a redesign of your current, likely outdated, website allows you to both refresh your businesses online presence, as well as allowing you to consider incorporating the latest web design trends to make your businesses website look current and modern.
Below is an example of a clients site which we updated. The new site looks much more modern, is easier to navigate, and better represents the business which it stands for.

[twenty20 img1=”118976″ img2=”118975″ width=”90%” offset=”0.5″ before=”AFTER” after=”BEFORE”]

Benefits of investing in a redesign include:

Easier to use

Redesigning the look of your website is one thing, however, a website redesign is virtually completely worthless if it means your customer or target market struggles to navigate the website in order to the page or information they need to, or struggles to take in that information. According to a study conducted by HubSpot, users can decide in as little as 15 seconds weather or not they want to stay on a webpage – so first impressions DO matter!
If a customer visits your current website and finds that the information is disorganised, overwhelming or just too much to process and take in, they are more likely to leave your website and potentially visit a competitor instead, simply because of how the human brain works.

More clicks to your website

A website redesign is not only likely to improve user experience, its also likely that it will help your business gain an increased exposure to customers in your niche, meaning more clicks through to your website and potentially more revenue.

website design on mobile pj

Mobile ready website design

According to a study conducted by Oberlo (more than 52% of web traffic is now coming from mobile devices, it is therefor important that your website looks good on a range of devices including a range of smartphones both old and new. Lancashire Web Services develops mobile ready responsive websites, this means your website and its content automatically scales (and changes where necessary) in order to best fit the screen or device it is being viewed on. Our responsive website designs look good on all devices large and small – we’ll even design custom built mobile elements for your sites mobile view.


Improved security and search engine rankings (SEO)

Ensuring your website is a website, and has a secure website link is vital for both helping to increase your websites security and also increasing where you appear on search engines like google through search engine optimisation. Without a secure HTTPS link, users may be told not to trust your website because it is ‘not secure’.
Lancashire Web Services prevents this issue by installing an SSL certificate on all sites we develop. This not only helps you prevent users from being told your website is not secure and helps you rank higher in google, it also helps to make your website harder to be targeted by hackers. SSL helps you ensure your business receives customer data and other sensitive information securely.
Having a secure SSL link to your website can help rank your website higher in search engines than websites that do not have a secure SSL link, because Google sees websites with SSL links as more secure and therefor better for the user who is making the search.

Are customers struggling to find you online? Do they find your website hard to use/navigate? Is information on your website too cluttered? Is your current website not looking right on mobile?

Lancashire Web Services can help redevelop and improve your website, ensuring these problems are solved and you can better accommodate customers. Call a web developer today on 07738610605 or contact us to get in touch with a member of Lancashire Web Services to discuss a website design or redesign.