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New Year, New Website – Three reasons to upgrade your website in 2020

Now that we’ve come to the start of 2020, people and businesses alike will be thinking about New Year’s resolutions. One of the greatest changes to your business you can make in 2020 could well be a new website to refresh your online presence.

Here are 3 great reasons to commission a refresh and re-design of your website in 2020:

The content on your website is no longer relevant or correct.

Content is often cited as one of the most vital elements of any website, after all, its likely what brings users to your website in the first place. People come to a website because they’re looking for something relating to your business, for example opening times or the services you offer; therefor it is key that this information is up-to date and addresses what your target audience are looking for.

Many older websites run on out-dated code which is no longer correct, this can then pose a security risk as old code may contain back doors and security issues which can make your website (and your business) vulnerable to attack. These security issues are often patched in newer versions of the code, but if your website’s code hasn’t been updated then you may still be at risk.

As well as security issues, an out of date website may mislead and frustrate your customers by providing them information which is no longer correct. Imagine searching for a hairdresser in your local area and being presented with a page which looks like it mas built and designed in the 90’s , complete with a phone number which is no longer correct – pretty frustrating right?
The systems offered as standard by Lancashire Web Services allow you to easily update your website as and when an update is needed. The systems we implement are also incredibly intuitive and easy to use, if you can send an email then you can edit a website built by us. If you’re ever unsure of how to update your website we’ll even offer complimentary training to help you out, or if you want something more complex done by a professional we’ll provide a cost effective no-obligation quote.

A website that canbe regularly updated with fresh and current content helps to show both customers and search engines (like google) that your business is still active and you care about keeping your business up to date and focused on what you do. It’s a sad but true reality that in 2020 a stagnant website rarely converts anyone. Content is definitely still king, so having a website that makes it easy for you or you staff to add and edit content is key if you want your website to grow your business in 2020.

Your current website isn’t ‘mobile friendly’.

According to figures published by Statistica in the third quarter of 2019, OVER HALF of all web traffic now comes from mobile devices, therefor you need a website which has been designed to adapt to display properly on mobile devices. It can be incredibly frustrating for users when they navigate to a website on their phone, only to find the website doesn’t work as it should on mobile. Truth be told, if your website doesn’t look quite right on mobile it could well be putting off potential customers and loosing you business.

A mobile friendly design is also important if you want your website and business to rank high in search engines like google. Google have changed their search indexing algorithms to look at ‘mobile first’ characteristics. This means if your website doesn’t have a mobile friendly layout, google could move you further down the search results, meaning your business is seen by less potential customers.

All websites build by Lancashire Web Services are mobile friendly by design, and we keep this in mind throughout the design process, making sure your website looks great on all devices, be it a macbook pro or a blackberry from the mid 2000’s.
We also consider SEO (Search Engine Optimization) factors when building out our clients online presence, to help your business move up the ranks in google search results and reach more people. Unlike many other companies we don’t charge extra for this!

Your current website isn’t easy to navigate.

The majority of any websites visitors will decide within the first few seconds weather they want to stay on your site or leave (bounce) and potentially go to a competitor instead. That’s why it’s important that your website hooks visitors from the get go and gives users what they’re looking for.

Website design is all about user experience, how easy it is for users to get to the content that they came to your site for in the first place. A good sites navigation will make clear to the user both where they are on the site and how the user can get to the content they want.

Putting as few steps as possible between your users and where they want to be is key. That’s why at Lancashire Web Services we, with user consent, are able to run systems capable of monitoring how users navigate your site and what they’re struggling with, then we’re able to adjust the sites structure as appropriate.