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Why Web Design Is Essential to Your Digital Marketing Campaign

A Well thought out Web Design forms the foundation of a killer Digital Marketing Campaign.

Your company’s website is your opportunity to make a first impression. It’s where visitors form an opinion about your brand and an online space they expect to be able to browse seamlessly. How fast your page loads will depend on a number of things that include your code, plugins, tools or widgets, and media. Web design is crucial for this.

It takes less than a second for a visitor to decide whether or not they want to stay on your site, for this reason all the factors outlined above are of vital importance to a good web design. In fact, they can to a certain degree, dictate how successful your digital marketing campaigns will be in the future. This is why good web design matters. 

It builds trust with your customers base

Your online branding says a lot about you and should make a lasting impression on those who encounter it. Your brand can be simple but sophisticated, bright, and powerful, or whatever you want it to be. If your services reflect your branding, the more people will trust your business. 

It can impact your SEO

Especially in today’s competitive online marketplace, SEO can be a deciding factor for your failure or success. Remember that how your site is coded as well as how easy it is to navigate can affect how you rank on search engines. Content keywords can also make a difference. 

It increases sales and generates leads

Digital marketing is the way by which your brand is discovered online. The better your website functions, the greater your increase in leads. The more these leads find your website convenient and hassle-free, the better your chances of making a sale to them. Better yet, customers who especially enjoyed your site will likely recommend you to others. 

It increases your conversion rate

Leads don’t matter to your marketing campaign nearly as much as when they’re converted into sales. If a user visits your site and leaves almost immediately, there may be room for improvement. A thoughtfully designed website, on the other hand, can better optimise your conversion rates by giving customers exactly what they want. 

It can boost mobile visitors

Did you know that according to Quora Creative 40% of online transactions are now completed using a mobile device? If you haven’t yet optimised your website to function properly and look great on a smartphone or tablet, your conversion rates could be affected by this. When your website can make a smooth transition from desktop to mobile, the more sales you can make even when users are on the go. All our websites are designed to work and look great on a wide range of devices.

It boosts your visibility

Digital marketing is all about brand visibility and can go hand in hand with website design. Nowadays, there’s no competing with the three social media giants: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Take advantage of these platforms to promote your website. Customers prefer to engage on social media and sometimes even refer to it when seeking out customer support. Make sure you’re posting unique and engaging content on your social media platforms while always leading back to your site. 


As the decades have passed, digital marketing has evolved to branch out into SEO, social media, and, of course, web design. Lancashire Web Services is a website design company in Burnley that understands the importance of crafting unique design solutions for every brand. At Lancashire Web Services, we understand that clients come in all (digital) shapes and sizes and work to create thoughtfully designed websites that enhance your digital presence.